Health services and policy research investments

A portrait of Canada's investments, assets and resources from 2007/2008 to 2011/2012Footnote 1

Canadian overview

Total invested: $770 million
(in millions of dollars)

Ontario $406.8

Quebec $160.9

$58.0 Alberta

$71.3 British Columbia

$13.2 Saskatchewan

$22.1 Manitoba

$20.4 Nova Scotia

$5.5 New Brunswick

$2.8 Newfoundland
& Labrador

$0.2 Prince Edward

$0.03 Yukon

Investments not attributed
to a province or territory

$1.2 International
$3.4 Pan-Canadian Organizations
$4.3 Funding Recipient Not Specified
(Travel and supporting awards)

Note: Investments include all provincial and external sources of funding received by the province during the time period. No data were received for Northwest Territories and Nunavut.