Organizational structure


The CIHR Act outlines a framework for the organizational establishment of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), its governance infrastructure, responsibilities of the President and Governing Council and establishment of the CIHR Institutes.

CIHR is led by its President. Overall strategic directions are set by its Governing Council, which has a mandate to oversee the direction and management of the property, business and affairs of CIHR.

The Science Council (SC) is a management committee that develops, implements and reports on CIHR's research and knowledge translation strategy, in accordance with the CIHR Act and the overarching strategic directions set out by Governing Council. This includes approving funding for all research and knowledge translation initiatives.

Day-to-day management of CIHR is led by the Executive Team.


CIHR consists of 13 "virtual" institutes and four business portfolios. The Institutes and the portfolios work together to deliver our mandate.


CIHR's institutes bring together all partners in the research process – the people who fund research, those who carry it out and those who use its results – to share ideas and focus on what Canadians need: good health and the means to prevent disease and fight it when it happens. Each institute supports a broad spectrum of research in its topic areas and, in consultation with its stakeholders, sets priorities for research in those areas.

Each of CIHR's 13 Institutes is led by a Scientific Director, supported by an Institute Advisory Board.


CIHR has four business portfolios:

  • President
    • Chief, Audit and Evaluation
      • Audit and Evaluation
    • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Executive Vice-President – Strategic and Corporate Affairs
    • Corporate Services
      • Human Resources
      • Digital and Security Services
    • Government and External Relations (GER)
      • Integrated Planning and Results
      • Strategic Policy
      • Strategic Partnerships and International Relations
      • Communications
    • Senior Corporate Advisor/Legal Counsel
    • Governance Secretariat
  • Special Advisor - Indigenous
  • Research – Programs
    • Research Programs – Operations
      • Program Design and Delivery
      • Operations Support
      • The College of Reviewers
    • Initiative Management and Institute Support
    • Secretariat on Responsible Conduct of Research
  • Research – Learning Health Systems
    • Centre for Research in Pandemic Preparedness and Health Emergencies
    • Evidence Integration
      • Knowledge Mobilization
      • Research Excellence and Ethics
      • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Capacity Building
    • Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research
    • Clinical Trials
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