Showcasing Human Development, Child and Youth Health Research: More stories

ReACH: Advancing maternal and child health research in Canada through cohort cataloguing
A research platform funded under CIHR's Healthy Life Trajectories Initiative (HeLTI) is providing a valuable resource for researchers looking at the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease
Life with a baby
Peer network provides new parents with practical advice and emotional support
Pan-Canadian network aims to boost health outcomes for preterm infants
A CIHR-funded pan-Canadian clinical research network is focused on preventing and managing the consequences of preterm birth
Research team seeks to strengthen perinatal health care system in Canada
Dr. Joseph is leading a CIHR-funded research team that seeks to correct the mismatch between pregnancy or infant risk and the level of care
Understanding the protective power of breast milk
Dr. Meghan Azad studies the early-life determinants of lifelong health
Taking aim at gun-related injuries among young Canadians
Researchers provide first picture of firearm injuries among children and youth in Ontario
Giving our tiniest patients a boost
A team of Toronto researchers is focused on improving health outcomes for the most vulnerable of patients – preterm infants.
Fueling minds with new knowledge and small bodies with nutritious breast milk
Dr. Pound aims to help health care professionals support breastfeeding by developing educational tools that can be incorporated into their training
University of Calgary Faculty of Kinesiology researchers guiding policy on sport concussions
"I want to help people with concussions get through the recovery process and to help them manage not only the physical effects, but also the mental and social aspects"
CIHR Investment in Autism Spectrum Disorder Pays Huge Dividends
A very special, high-stakes study
Obesity prevention in the early years
Research program targets two key periods; pregnancy and the preschool years
Exposure to pesticides and behavioral problems
My research aims at understanding how exposure to pollutants can affect children's health, in particular their neurodevelopment
Obstetrics Study Leads to Changes in Practice and Guidelines
Researcher studies a common procedure, finds it is not effective
Action Schools! BC: A 'Whole School' Approach to Getting Kids Active
Originally a 10-school CIHR pilot project, it now operates in every BC school district
Reconfiguring Neonatal Care Saves More Preterm Babies from Disability and Death
Model of care now used internationally
Kangaroo Care: A Different Way of Nurturing Preterm Babies
Colombian-Canadian collaboration changing the world's thinking about preterm care
Telephone-Based Mental Health Care Gets Help Quickly to Troubled Kids and Families
Home-centred program proves more effective than usual care
Home is in your heart and mind: How has the pandemic impacted youth experiencing homelessness?
Interview by Sarah Mooney and Sarah Schwartz, members of CIHR-IHDCYH’s youth advisory council
Becoming a scientific superhero!
Resources for pediatric research made by kids
Teens Talk Vaping
It’s time to centre teens in research about teen vaping
Promoting resilience in youth who have been victims of interpersonal violence
Putting in place effective measures for prevention and intervention
Fears of emergency department visits during the COVID-19 pandemic
Don’t let them prevent you from taking your sick child to the hospital
Getting young Canadians active again
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Canadian children were less active and more sedentary
Understanding compassion
Considering what a person wants rather than expressing an interest for being in their shoes
How does breastfeeding affect a child’s health and development?
3,500 Canadian kids and their families are helping scientists find answers
First aid with mental health at its heart
McMaster University researchers adapt psychological first aid program to help mental health professionals care for children, youth, and families experiencing the stresses of COVID-19
Securing a healthy future for Canadian children after COVID-19
Data analysis conducted by OCEH researchers and clinicians could ease negative short- and long-term impacts of pandemic
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