IHDCYH Strategic Research Priorities

This content is currently being updated (June 27, 2021)

To ensure the best outcomes for children, youth and families, CIHR-IHDCYH has identified three research investment themes, each with two strategic priorities:

  1. Healthy Developmental Trajectories;
    1. Developmental Origins of Health and Disease through the Lifespan
    2. Preterm Birth
  2. Healthy Reproduction, Pregnancy, Childhood and Youth; and
    1. Environmental Health
    2. Healthy Pregnancy
  3. Healthy Public Policy and Systems Integration to ensure the best outcomes for families, infants, children and youth
    1. Integrated Child and Youth Research and Health Services
    2. Mental Health

These strategic priorities were first laid out in our 2013-17 Strategic Plan. In 2017, we assessed our progress on meeting these priorities and, in consultation with our community, developed our 2018-2020 Refreshed Strategic Plan, which refocuses our energies to address the remaining gaps.

In addressing our priorities we are targeting innovative research that contributes to improvement in reproductive, child and youth health outcomes that are critical for Healthy Life Trajectories. IHDCYH is also committed to establishing strong partnerships, building capacity, and supporting effective knowledge translation as key tactics to achieve these priorities.

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