Making a Difference

2022 Highlights


We facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations and enable purposeful partnerships to strengthen research, mobilize knowledge and shape policy

Engage children, youth and families
Engaging youth in a health research panel at Children's Healthcare Canada's annual conference

Objective: Host an all-youth panel presentation at a national conference focused on child health and attended by researchers, practitioners, policy makers, patient and family partners, and key stakeholders in our mandate area.

Outcome: 91% of conference attendees who responded to a post-conference poll Agreed or Strongly Agreed that panel members effectively conveyed their information.


We fuel existing strengths, catalyze emerging areas and embrace a lifecycle approach to advance knowledge, address health inequities and inspire support for science

Advance research in areas of need and strength
Understanding and mitigating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on children, youth and families in Canada

Objective: Improve the understanding, response, and recovery to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on children, youth, and families in Canada.

Outcome: Catalyzed a $10.5M federal investment that funded 70 projects covering a diversity of experiences and outcomes including mental health and wellbeing, the social determinants of health, health behaviors, family dynamics, and use of programs and services.

Capacity Build

We support diverse career pathways and strengthen key infrastructure to improve efficiency, amplify impact and nurture a thriving health research environment

Take a holistic approach to the career pathway
Supporting Health Research Training Platforms

Objective: Support the development of interdisciplinary, inter-jurisdictional, and intersectoral research training platforms that will attract a diverse cadre of high-caliber trainees and early career researchers and equip them with the skills required for academic and non-academic careers. 

Outcome: A $31.1M investment over 6 years in 13 training platforms that will provide new training and development opportunities for early career researchers and trainees. One platform is fully funded by IHDCYH, 2 are partially supported by IHDCYH and many of the others address issues critical to children, youth and families.

Find our strategic plan and other impact reports on our Publications page.

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