2014 Applied Public Health Chairs

CIHR is pleased to announce the 2014 Applied Public Health Chair (APHC) recipients. The program supports innovative population health research that improves health equity for citizens in Canada and around the world. This can be achieved through interdisciplinary collaborations and mentorship of researchers and decision makers in health and other sectors.

APHC represents a partnership between:

There are 14 APH Chair recipients this year for a total investment of $12,938,128 over five years.

On March 23, 2015 the inaugural Applied Public Health Chairs meeting was held in Ottawa. This meeting represented the first opportunity for the newly appointed Chairs to meet one another, network, and learn from the experiences of past Chairs.

Paula Braitstein
Population Health and HIV prevention

David Buckeridge
E-Health and Public Health Interventions

Damien Contandriopoulos
Canada’s health care system and public health interventions

Guy Faulkner
Evaluation of Active Canada 20/20

James Ford
Health Adaptation and Climate Change

David Hammond
Evaluating smoking and healthy weight policies

Yan Kestens
Urban Interventions and Public Health

Scott Leatherdale
Chronic Disease Prevention and Youth

Jonathan McGavock
Aboriginal Health Equity and Obesity

Lindsay McLaren
Oral Health and policy

Wendy V. Norman
Sexual and reproductive Health

Candace Nykiforuk
Public Policy and Community Environments

Valéry Ridde
Global health and community health interventions

Janet Smylie
Indigenous Health and Wellness

“The Applied Public Health Chairs program is a concerted effort by CIHR, PHAC and provincial partners to fund research that will strengthen the impact of policies and programs designed to tackle pressing health needs. The innovative research produced by the Chairs will also help policy makers in health and other sectors make evidence-informed decisions that will lead to positive changes for people here in Canada and globally.”
– Nancy Edwards, CIHR-IPPH Scientific Director

“The Applied Public Health Chairs program is a valuable means of supporting innovative health research in Canada. Collaborative, multi-sectoral efforts like these are not only effective, they are essential to ensuring that a multitude of perspectives inform public health planning and decision making.”
Dr. Gregory Taylor, Canada’s Second Chief Public Health Officer

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