Reviewer in Training program

The Reviewer in Training (RiT) program offers Early Career Researchers (ECRs) a learning opportunity to gain a better understanding of the elements of high-quality review and the peer review process through direct participation in the Project Grant Program with the support of a Mentor. For more information on the RiT program and other capacity development programs, please visit the Reviewer Pathway.

Application pressure by committee

Each applicant may select up to two Project Grant Program committees in which they prefer to participate and for which they have the appropriate expertise to review. Successful applicants are chosen by random lottery, and the Application Pressure represents the percentage of total applications that were successful for a given committee.

It is important to note that as the number of applications to a Project Grant Program committee increases, it might be split into two or three smaller committees, resulting in additional opportunities for RiT participants.

Using Power BI Interactive Data

New: The data on this page is interactive.

  • To filter the committee or competition list, click the down arrow in the drop down menu and scroll to see all your choices then click the box to select a choice: Drop down arrow visual
  • To filter for multiple choices, hold Ctrl while selecting the choices (Command on a Mac). Only a maximum of 3 committees and 2 competitions can be selected at once.
  • To clear filters, press the clear button Clear button visual or the eraser Eraser button visual.
  • To expand the chart, select the Focus mode button: Focus mode button visual
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