Transforming Public Health: IPPH Strategic Plan, 2022-2026
Public Health Systems

Transforming Public Health: IPPH Strategic Plan, 2022-2026
Public Health Systems

Overarching goal

Strengthen the field of public health systems and services research in Canada to enable public health systems transformation and improve the health of all Canadians.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the inequities in our societies and demonstrated the importance of responsive and resilient public health systems. Over the past five years, IPPH has invested in several opportunities aimed at strengthening Canada's public health systems research capacity. However, in the face of ongoing and intersecting health, climate and social emergencies, the need for a cohesive public health systems and services research agenda has never been greater.

IPPH's Public Health Systems priority area will generate research to support decision-making across the public health ecosystem – including governance and financing models; public health data systems and surveillance; workforce training and capacity building; implementation of effective and equitable public health delivery; monitoring and evaluation – to inform Canada's future public health systems. We will unite partners to develop and act on a shared agenda, strengthen mechanisms and approaches that ensure community voices are engaged throughout the research process, and embed equity, anti-colonialism, anti-racism and anti-ableism as cornerstones of effective public health systems.

Public Health Systems Objective Strategies Embedding equity Impact
Research excellence Generate evidence on key public health system research priorities 

Build a coalition to develop a unified public health systems and services research agenda in Canada

Fund research on key public health systems priorities

Targeted opportunities focused on building anti-colonial, anti-racist and anti-ableist public health systems An evidence-base to inform choices about how to design, finance, govern and deliver more effective and equitable public health systems in Canada
Capacity-building Enable a learning public health system that can undertake context-specific systems research

Create interdisciplinary training and mentorship opportunities including embedded training programs

Establish pathways for training diverse researchers who work across academia, practice and community

Catalyze the identification, collection, and use of cross-jurisdictional, robust and consistent public health data

Integrate mechanisms to ensure equity, diversity and inclusion is prioritized in training and mentorship opportunities The necessary people, data and tools are in place to support systems transformation, including the ability to measure, monitor and evaluate performance and the capability for continuous system improvement
Knowledge mobilization Strengthen the alignment between public health research and community, practice and policy needs

Facilitate research-practice-policy-community partnerships that guide research priority-setting and implementation strategies

Support research that meets community needs in public health decision-making

Create mechanisms that embed community perspectives into public health systems research and knowledge mobilization A roadmap driven by communities and citizens on how to achieve an effective, equitable, anti-colonial, anti-racist, anti-ableist learning public health system

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Funding opportunities

For a list of current funding opportunities, visit the IPPH Funding web page.

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