Transforming Public Health: IPPH Strategic Plan, 2022-2026
Informing the plan

Expected Impacts

IPPH investments are guided by past learnings, present-day context, the knowledge needs of partners and communities, and priorities identified by the diverse population and public health community. To ensure research has impact, the actions in this strategic plan emphasize applied research solutions, adaptable funding models and intersectoral partnerships. Together, the commitments made in this plan are intended to respond to the evolving needs of Canada's public health systems, enable new opportunities for researchers to have impacts, and improve the health and health equity of Canadians and people around the world.

Over the coming year IPPH will develop a performance measurement framework. This framework will include qualitative and quantitative key performance indicators for each priority area as well as IPPH’s equity plan. These indicators will consider IPPH’s programs, policies, processes, grants, and how funded research is ultimately used to shape practices, programs and policies. Developed in consultation with IPPH’s Institute Advisory Board and CIHR’s Planning, Evaluation & Results team, the performance measurement framework will allow IPPH to demonstrate progress on the objectives set out in this plan and enable a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Informing the plan
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Informing the plan

  1. Five years of work on current priorities: Lessons learned, Program evaluations, Measures of impact, Gap analyses
  2. CIHR Strategic Plan 2021-31: Advance Research Excellence in All Its Diversity, Strengthen Canadian Health Research Capacity, Accelerate the Self-Determination of Indigenous Peoples in Health Research, Pursue Health Equity through Research, Integrate Evidence in Health Decisions
  3. Spring Community Dialogues: Public health data systems, Public health workforce planning, Infodemiology – public trust and communication, Mobilizing communities and partnerships, Public health systems in a globalized world, Financing Public Health, Strengthening the academic-practice interface in public health, Building anti-racist public health systems, Indigenous public health priorities (PHAC)
  4. Current public health context (e.g. COVID-19, CPHO Report 2021)
  5. An intentional commitment to equity
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