Transforming Public Health: IPPH Strategic Plan, 2022-2026
Global Public Health

Transforming Public Health: IPPH Strategic Plan, 2022-2026
Global Public Health

Overarching goal

Create and seize opportunities that advance CIHR's commitment to make Canada a world leader in leveraging the power of research to accelerate global health equity for all.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that good health for all requires global solidarity – shared risks require shared responsibilities. IPPH's past global health commitments to strengthen emergency research response mechanisms, build strong global research-to-policy networks, and centre equity helped position Canadian population and public health researchers to make important contributions to the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and achieving the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires continued prioritization of global public health research and action.

Building on lessons from the last five years, IPPH will continue to support Canadian researchers to build and strengthen global partnerships, generate equity-focused solutions to shared global challenges, and recognize the "One Health" interconnections among human, animal and environmental health. Guided by Global Health 3.0: CIHR's Framework for Action on Global Health Research 2021-2026 (May 2021), we will work with partners to fund research that responds to local needs and challenges, transforms gender norms, and prioritizes collaboration with researchers based in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). By mobilizing interdisciplinary networks, we will empower Canadian researchers to build collaborative relationships with communities and decision-makers and ensure that today's shared global challenges are met with equity-focused and evidence-informed global solutions.

Global Public Health Objective Strategies Embedding equity Impact
Research excellence Accelerate transformative global public health research that improves global health equity

Collaborate with partners to support interdisciplinary research on global public health issues including One Health challenges like antimicrobial resistance, chronic disease prevention, and climate change

Develop and launch initiatives to advance gender transformative research and research approaches

Equip researchers to develop authentic partnerships with colleagues in LMICs

Work with partners to identify and implement research funding strategies that respond to local priorities and transfer power to those most impacted by global health inequities New knowledge that drives the design and implementation of equity-focused solutions for global health challenges
Capacity-building Empower researchers to conduct ethical and policy-relevant research on shared global health challenges

Catalyze doctoral and post-doctoral training opportunities in global public health

Advance CIHR's efforts to adopt, implement and scale-up the CCGHR Principles on Global Health Research

Create opportunities for Canadian researchers to inform national and global decision-making

Support the development of authentic partnerships among researchers in Canada and LMICs Canadian researchers are leaders in ethical, equity-focused global health research and have strong, lasting relationships with communities with whom they work
Knowledge mobilization Support partnerships to facilitate the development of evidence-informed global health policies

Nurture networks of researchers, research funders, practitioners and policymakers

Highlight interconnected global health opportunities in all Institute partnerships and priorities

Enhance global intersectoral partnerships to address key public health issues

Cultivate opportunities to integrate global health evidence and innovation into Canadian public health transformation Strong interdisciplinary communities of practice that bring together researchers and policymakers to respond to present and emerging global health priorities

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Funding opportunities

For a list of current funding opportunities, visit the IPPH Funding web page.

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