Applied Public Health Chair Program

Demographic shifts in the population, the growing burden of chronic diseases, widening health inequities within and between countries and the impacts of the built and natural environments are but a few of the complex challenges facing Canada and other countries. These global, economic, social and environmental challenges call for innovative population health solutions informed by the best available scientific knowledge and engagement with decision makers within and outside of the public health sector.

The Applied Public Health Chairs (APHC) program was launched by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research's Institute of Population and Public Health (CIHR-IPPH) and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) in 2006 as one of several components of the Public Health Scholarships and Capacity-Building Initiative. This program was designed to strengthen the skills and capacity of public health researchers. The program was updated in 2021, following a program evaluation, to be even more responsive to emerging public health priorities, adaptive to provide resources necessary for actionable solutions, and integrated with policy and decision-making processes to maximize impact.

The APHC program provides mid-career researchers with an opportunity to collaborate with decision makers to support evidence-informed decision-making that improves health and health equity and to play a critical role in training and mentoring the next generation of researchers.

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