RQA Process Results: Spring 2021 Project Grant

The Reviewer Quality Assurance (RQA) Process was completed for the Spring 2021 Project Grant competition. A total of 1213 reviewers were evaluated based on the CIHR Standards of Practice for Peer Review (SPPR) and following the Review Quality Checklist to ensure we are supporting excellence within the peer review system.

The following charts outline the number of peer reviewers who were evaluated in 4 categories:

  • Review quality
  • Participation
  • Responsiveness
  • Outstanding performance

Reviewers with review quality issues

Long description
Supportive Intervention 6/1213 0.5%
Monitored Cases 54/1213 4.5%

Reviewers with participation issues

Long description
Supportive Intervention 1/1213 0.1%
Monitored Cases 45/1213 3.7%

Reviewers with responsiveness issues

Long description
Supportive Intervention 0/1213 0%
Monitored Cases 60/1213 4.9%

Reviewers with outstanding performance

Long description
Recognized 157/1213 12.9%
Tracked 348/1213 28.7%

CIHR currently recognizes all peer review participants for their contributions with a thank-you letter. As our recognition strategy evolves, CIHR also implemented a threshold to recognize Outstanding performance, based on reviewers receiving multiple flags from multiple executives and the provision of a rationale. The CIHR College of Reviewers will send letters of recognition to outstanding reviewers acknowledging their performance in one or more categories.

12.9% of spring 2021 Project competition peer reviewers were recognized as outstanding reviewers and will receive an additional letter of recognition.

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