Congratulations to researchers funded through the 2023 Café Scientifique grant opportunity!

CIHR’s Strategic Plan 2021-2031 commits to 1) maximizing results for Canadians by prioritizing the dissemination and implementation of existing knowledge to inform health practice and policy and enhance health equity; and 2) improving the health literacy of Canadians and empowering them to take charge of their own health. Through this Café Scientifique funding opportunity, CIHR is providing funding for events, known as Cafés, that enable knowledge-sharing and open, respectful dialogues between the general public and health researchers on health-related issues of public interest.

Members of the public can engage with health researchers on their health research–related questions, learn about the research evidence, and contribute their views on future research directions. Health researchers can engage with the public on their work, communicate their research results, and gain a better understanding of what’s important to Canadians. Knowledge users, Indigenous Knowledge Keepers, community partners, patients, and Person(s) With Lived/Living Experience (PWLLE) will have the opportunity to share their experiences participating in health research and using health research evidence.

Applications that met the threshold of excellence (i.e. met all criteria and passed the review process) were entered into the selection process whereby a random order of eligible applications was generated and funding offered up to the limit of the available funds.

Congratulations to the four grant recipients:

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