COVID-19 Research

COVID-19 Research

As the federal funding agency responsible for investing in health research, CIHR has been central to Canada’s response to COVID-19.

In February 2020, CIHR issued a rapid research funding opportunity to accelerate the development, testing and implementation of medical and social countermeasures to mitigate the rapid spread of COVID-19 and its negative consequences on people and communities.

Through this process, and in collaboration with our federal and provincial partners, CIHR invested $55.3M in 99 research projects across the country. In June 2020, we invested another $109M to support a further 139 research projects.

This research spans everything from diagnostics and potential treatments to public health responses and communication strategies.

Since then, CIHR has continued to work with partners to invest in COVID-19 Canadian health research with dedicated funding for specific topics such as:

CIHR also has engaged with our international partners to ensure the alignment and coordination of Canada’s research with the international response.

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