College Chairs Roles and Responsibilities


In alignment with the strategic directions and research priorities of CIHR’s strategic plan (Roadmap II), the College of Reviewers (College) will serve CIHR and partners by ensuring that the peer review system supports the selection of the most innovative and cutting-edge proposals for research and knowledge translation, while continuing to be fair, well-managed and transparent.

The slate of College Chairs, which will have sufficient diversity of health research and knowledge translation expertise to reflect the breadth of the Canadian health research enterprise, will be appointed to ensure capacity to provide independent, expert and relevant advice to CIHR in the building of the College into an internationally recognized resource.

Roles and Responsibilities

To accomplish their mandate and fulfill their stewardship role in peer review quality, College Chairs will:

  • provide strategic guidance in the building of the College as an internationally recognized resource, including:
    • providing direction in defining and overseeing the College’s action plan to enhance peer review quality
    • guiding continuous improvement across all College functions in support of peer review excellence
  • oversee College recruitment strategies and implementation plans, including attracting potential members to the College
  • ensure that frameworks, policies and activities relevant to learning, mentoring, recognition, membership and performance management are designed to enhance peer review quality and to retain strong reviewers

Each College Chair serves in their individual capacity and will be expected to:

  • contribute to the building of the College by sharing knowledge and experience while considering the knowledge and comments shared by others
  • attend meetings on a regular basis and prepare in advance of any meeting
  • treat College matters with appropriate confidentiality


College Chairs provide advice and, upon request, specific recommendations to CIHR’s Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) on matters relevant to the College and peer review quality.


The initial appointment will begin on July 1, 2016.

To ensure continuity, College Chairs are invited to serve for an initial staggered two to four year term which may be renewable once for an additional three years. Renewal is contingent on the CSO approval.

Time Commitment

College Chairs will meet in person up to two times per year and through additional teleconferences. Expected time commitment is up to six days per year (including preparation and travel time).


Service as a College Chair is voluntary. College Chairs will be reimbursed at Government of Canada rates for expenses incurred to attend meetings but will not receive honoraria or other financial compensation.

Conflict of Interest

College Chairs are required to abide by the CIHR Conflict of Interest Policy and to submit a Conflict of Interest declaration when first appointed and annually thereafter for the duration of their membership term.


These roles and responsibilities are expected to evolve with the College’s future strategic directions and will be reviewed annually.

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