The 2021 CIHR Institute of Aging Fellowship Prize of Excellence in Research on Aging

Each year, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research - Institute of Aging (CIHR-IA) recognizes the highest ranked postdoctoral trainee in the field of aging from the CIHR open postdoctoral competition as the CIHR-IA Fellowship Prize of Excellence in Research on Aging recipient.


Dr. Daniel Gan, Simon Fraser University

Dr. Daniel R.Y. Gan, CIHR Fellow, is trained as an urban sociologist of mental health, with organizational implementation expertise for place-based health equity among diverse older adults, including disadvantaged populations. He completed his PhD at the National University of Singapore on neighbourhood atmospheres and their impact on well-being using advanced qualitative, quantitative and blended methods. At SFU Gerontology, Daniel extended his Transdisciplinary Neighbourhood Health Framework to include cognitive health, and examined longitudinal (including CLSA) data using contemporary affective approaches, and sex- and gender-based analysis.

Dr. Gan presented his research in Chicago, Guangzhou, London, Oxford, Singapore, Washington DC, and served as guest editor of the Journal of Urban Design and Mental Health. He is founder of Healthy Aging in Place, and co-convenor of Environmental Gerontology, GSA. Daniel is leading a multi-city implementation application with community organizations, and a GSA initiative to rethink Brain Health in Community. Twitter @daniel_gry

Mentors and supervisors, Profs. Drs. Habib Chaudhury and Andrew Wister -- Thank you for your support!

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