Sample Email – Pre-Simulation Training Package
Mock Review Toolkit – Project Grant Competition: Pre-Simulation Training

For Facilitators: Use this sample email to send participants the Pre-Simulation Training materials and, if necessary, information on the Pre-Simulation Training Session. Please remove or replace any highlighted placeholder or instructional text for facilitators with the appropriate information.

The following item must be attached to this email:

  1. Pre-Simulation Training Reading Materials

If a Pre-Simulation Training Session in being conducted, include the following item:

  1. Pre-Simulation Training Session Agenda Template

Dear Participants,

[Insert department name/institution] would like to again welcome you to the [Insert name of session], a unique opportunity to experience and learn about the CIHR Project Grant peer review process. Please find below a list of resources that will help you better prepare for the mock review simulation and provide you with information related to the peer review process at CIHR. We ask that you read through and/or view the items below.

  1. The attached Training Package, which provides:
    • An overview of CIHR Peer Review – from submission to decision
    • CIHR's Standards of Practice for Peer Review
    • A Review Quality Assurance (RQA) Checklist
    • Details on How to Review an Application
  2. Three mandatory eLearning Modules that all CIHR peer reviewers must take and are available on the CIHR College of Reviewers webpage:

[If a Pre-Simulation Training Session is being conducted add the text below:]

In addition to these materials, we ask that you join us for a Pre-Simulation Training Session scheduled for [date]. During this session, Facilitators will guide participants through the Pre-Simulation Training materials. Please find attached the session agenda which outlines items that will be covered.

[Provide specifics on Pre-Simulation Training Session: In-person? Virtual? Length?]

During the training session, there will be round table introductions. Please note that you will be asked to answer the following questions:

[Facilitators can offer a Drop-in Q&A where participants can meet with them one-on-one if they have any questions. These meetings can occur any time between the Pre-Simulation Training and the Committee meeting.]

We look forward to meeting everyone at the pre-simulation training session. Please do let us know if you have any questions.



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