Pre-Simulation Training Session Agenda
Mock Review Toolkit – Project Grant Competition: Pre-Simulation Training

For Facilitators: This is a proposed agenda for the Pre-Simulation Training Session. If a training session is to be conducted, this resource should be attached to the Pre-Simulation Training Package email. Please remove or replace any highlighted placeholder or instructional text with the appropriate information. The agenda for the 75 min Session Presentation is based on the use of the Participant Pre-Simulation Training Presentation, which is available from the College upon request.

  1. Welcome to [Insert session name]15 min.
    1. Opening Words – [insert facilitator name(s)]
    2. Introductory Remarks – [insert Chair’s name] (Chair)
    3. Round table Introductions – [insert facilitator name(s)] ([X] participants)
      • What is your Name, Faculty & Supervisor?
      • What is your Area of scientific expertise?
      • Have you participated in peer review (publications, awards, grants?)
      • Why did you join/what do you expect to gain from this experience?
  2. Session Presentation – 75 min.
    1. Introduction to CIHR & Peer Review – [insert presenter name]
    2. Roles and Responsibilities – [insert presenter name]
    3. Before the Simulation Meeting – [insert presenter name]
    4. Review Quality – [insert presenter name]
    5. During and After the Simulation Meeting – [insert presenter name]
    6. Q&A – [insert presenter name]
  3. Next Steps – 5 min.
    1. Assignment: Ability to Review Declaration – [insert facilitator name(s)]
    2. Drop-in Q&A – [insert facilitator name(s)] (Optional – participants can meet with facilitators if they have any questions before the committee meeting)
    3. Closing Remarks – [insert facilitator name(s)]
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