Learning for participants in peer review

CIHR offers a number of learning modules to help you gain in-depth knowledge about our programs, processes and tools. These modules are intended to ensure that all participants in the peer review process have the same base knowledge of the processes and policies in order to conduct effective and fair peer review.

What’s new?

CIHR 101 eLearning Series:

Mandatory learning for all reviewers

The following learning modules must be completed prior to participating in one of CIHR’s peer review processes.

Excellence in peer review

Sex and gender considerations in peer review*

Complete one of the following modules based on your methodological expertise:

*If your role does not require methodological expertise (e.g., knowledge user, patient), we recommend you complete:

Competition specific learning

Training Awards

Participating in Peer Review

Project Grants

Participating in Peer Review

Priority-Driven Research

Participating in Peer Review

Role specific learning

Additional learning modules and resources

Reviewer resources

Policies and considerations affecting the quality of the science


To fully experience these interactive modules, we recommend using a computer with a recent version of your browser, audio capability and Adobe Flash Player.

Many lessons use audio to supplement visual information. In these modules, closed captioning is available and can be enabled by clicking on the Closed captioning button at the bottom right of the lesson screen.

Where browser or Flash updates are necessary, please visit the appropriate provider's website.

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