Meeting Agenda
Mock Review Toolkit – Project Grant Competition: Running the Simulation

For Facilitators: This resource provides suggested timelines for the Committee meeting and must be attached to the Confirmation of Committee Meeting email. Please remove or replace any highlighted instructional text, such as this, with the appropriate information.

  1. Introductory remarks from facilitators ([insert facilitator name(s)]) – 10 min.
    • Reminder on the importance of confidentiality (discussion, participants and meeting materials)
    • Reminder on the definitions of the rating scale
    • Time management and the Review Quality Assurance (RQA) process
  2. Introductory remarks from Chair ([insert Chair name, department, institution (if applicable)]) – 5 min.
    • Overview of Agenda/ order of applications
    • Overview of the meeting process and time limit
    • Reminder: Budget and term components are not part of the mock review session
    • Notes on review quality
  3. Review of applications – [suggested 25 minutes if 3 Reviewers per app.] min. per application
    • Follow the Sequence of Steps for Committee Meeting
    • Please note that each application will be discussed for [#] minutes and that you are expected to render your assessment without reading from your notes:
      • 5 min: 1st Reviewer (synopsis/overview of the research topic & objectives and assessment of key strengths/weaknesses)
      • 2-3 min: Reviewers [#] (emphasize/clarify key strengths/weaknesses)
      • 5-10 min: Group Discussion & Consensus Score
      • 2-3 min: SO Notes and Vote
    • As facilitators, we will be keeping track of time and providing screen prompts to the reviewers to warn you when your time is nearing completion. We will also collect your scoring sheets at the conclusion of the meeting and share the final applications scores with the group.
  4. Concluding remarks/end of meeting (Chair, [insert institution (if applicable)], Participants & CIHR) – 10 min.
    • Chair & Participants: Impressions and general comments:
      • (time permitting) Debrief: overall experience and lesson learned from participants
      • (time permitting) CIHR: Review Quality Assurance (RQA) process
    • [Insert institution (if applicable)]: Next steps (evaluation survey, review of written feedback)
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