Sample Email – Confirmation of Committee Meeting
Mock Review Toolkit – Project Grant Competition: Planning the Simulation

For Facilitators: Once Reviewers have received their applications to review, this email should be sent to remind participants of the Committee meeting date and time, and to provide the meeting agenda. Please remove or replace any highlighted placeholder or instructional text for facilitators with the appropriate information.

The following items should be included as attachments:

  1. Meeting Agenda Template

If the meeting is virtual or you would like to provide the in-meeting resources beforehand, attach the necessary documents from:

  1. In-Meeting Resources


As you conduct your reviews, we would like to take this time to reiterate and confirm the details for the Committee meeting.

[Outline whether meeting will be in-person or virtual. If in-person, provide details on location. If virtual, provide information on meeting platform being used.]

Please complete your reviews prior to the Committee meeting. Participants must bring their reviews to the Committee meeting and be prepared to summarize their assessments during the meeting. Please find the Meeting Agenda attached which details the items scheduled for the Committee meeting.

[Included in the In-Meeting Resources is a Scoring Sheet. The Scoring Sheet is used to track preliminary scores provided prior to the meeting and consensus scores during the meeting. The Scoring Sheet can either be completed by the Facilitator or by each participant. In larger simulations with many participants, it may not be feasible for the Facilitator to receive and track all preliminary scores prior to the meeting. If it is decided that participants should keep track of their own scores, attach the Scoring Sheet to this email for completion. Participants will fill in their preliminary scores prior to the meeting and use the Scoring Sheet to track consensus scores for their own use during the meeting.]

We appreciate your participation in this simulation. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,


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