Dr. Charu Kaushic named a 2022 Leadership Award recipient by the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR)

Dr. Charu Kaushic, Professor in the Department of Medicine at McMaster University and the Scientific Director of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Institute of Infection and Immunity (CIHR-III) is a 2022 recipient of the Leadership Award presented by the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR).

CANFAR’s mission is to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Canada by funding innovative research and awareness programs focused on prevention, increasing testing, improving treatment and care, and ending HIV/AIDS stigma.

The CANFAR Leadership Award recognizes an individual or group that has demonstrated outstanding leadership, commitment, and dedication to the fight against HIV/AIDS in Canada and internationally. The award highlights and celebrates the contributions of Canadians who have devoted time and resources to this effort.

“Although there has been significant improvement in HIV care, there are still approximately 1.5M new HIV infections globally and even in Canada more than 1600 new infections are occurring in priority populations every year. Young Black women are at particularly high risk of HIV infection in sub-Saharan Africa, but also here in Canada. I am grateful that CANFAR has recognized our research, done in partnership with the ACB community to develop prevention strategies. By working with people with lived/living experience, communities, and changemakers, I believe we can achieve the 95-95-95 targets by 2030.” – Dr. Charu Kaushic

A mucosal immunologist by training, Dr. Kaushic has built an interdisciplinary research program in women’s reproductive health, specifically basic, clinical and translational research examining susceptibility and immune responses to sexually transmitted viruses, HIV-1 and HSV-2. Dr. Kaushic has a special interest in public education, especially on women’s reproductive health issues and has long-term collaborations with women’s community research organizations.

In her current leadership role, her personal passion is to work with young women to encourage them to make careers in STEM fields and increase the number of women and people from under-represented communities in leadership roles.

Congratulations, Dr. Kaushic!

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