III Strategic research priorities

The Institute’s Strategic Plan for 2019-2020 is a 2-year extension of the previous 2013-2018 Strategic Plan. The Institute remains committed to two overall objectives, and will continue to support and strengthen the following strategic research priorities, while addressing some gaps that are relevant to current priorities and initiatives that III is leading and/or participating in.

Strategic Objective 1: Strengthening and coordinating infection and immunity research

  • Priority 1: Preparing and responding to current and emerging threats to health
    • Antimicrobial resistance;
    • Tuberculosis;
    • Global health;
    • Vaccines.
  • Priority 2: Integrating infection and immunity knowledge in the control and prevention of chronic disease
    • Inflammation;
    • Diabetes.

Strategic Objective 2: Ensuring the application and impact of research

  • Priority 1: Promoting innovation;
  • Priority 2: Ensuring the impact of research outcomes

Along with the work described within the above research priorities, III will also ensure to integrate three cross-cutting priorities as part of the Institute’s short-term strategic directions:

  • Support through the life-span (capacity development);
  • Communication strategy;
  • Collaborations and partnerships.
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