Sequencing Our Future: Institute of Genetics Strategic Plan 2022-2027
Looking Forward: Aspirations for genomics in 10 years

Looking Forward: Aspirations for genomics in 10 years

  1. Every inherited-disease gene will be known
  2. Genomic literacy will prevail amongst clinicians and the general public, enabling more informed decisions to be made concerning personalized health
  3. Over 100 million human genomes will have been sequenced, adding unprecedented accuracy to prognostic health and disease predictors at an individual level
  4. The values of people who live in Canada will be incorporated into genomic medicine delivery, contributing to the establishment of a learning health system
  5. A Canadian Human Genome Library will enable artificial intelligence to determine what keeps people healthy and makes them sick
  6. Your genome will be part of your healthcare record, accessible on your smartphone or laptop to better enable personalized, patient-informed care
  7. Pharmacogenomics will be standard procedure, determining specific drug dosing and preventing undesirable drug-drug interactions at a personalized, individual level
  8. Therapies for the treatment of inherited (rare) diseases will be increasingly accessible and affordable
  9. Combining other omics (proteomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, and others) with genomics will improve disease diagnosis and health outcomes
  10. Genomics will be a primary vehicle for health equity
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