Infographic: Top Tips for Managing Needle Pain

Infographic: Top Tips for Managing Needle Pain
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Top Tips for Managing Needle Pain
Getting a needle doesn’t have to hurt!

Did you know?

2 in every 3 children and 1 in every 4 adults have a fear of needles.

These science-backed tips are safe, easy and effective for children and adults:


Watch a movie, listen to your favourite song, or play a game to distract yourself and take your attention away from the needle.


Take slow, deep breaths before, during, and after getting a needle to help calm your nervous system and reduce stress and anxiety.


Apply a numbing cream or patch to the area where you will get your needle 30-60 minutes before your appointment to minimize pain.

Tip: Remember to always read the instructions or speak to a health care provider before using a new product for the first time.


After your needle, take an over-the-counter pain reliever to help reduce soreness and discomfort.

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