Message from the Scientific Director

The health and societal implications of COVID-19 are top-of-mind for every Canadian right now. Dramatic changes in the way we live our daily lives can mean heightened anxieties for individuals and families in this rapidly changing global health crisis. In this time of uncertainty, it is important to remember that as we take care of our physical health and that of others around us in the form of social distancing, we should also acknowledge and support our mental health. Connect with your mental health care providers, support systems, family, friends and colleagues, and support each other – we are all in this together.

To support the delivery of timely, reliable information on COVID-19, CIHR-INMHA will be temporarily focusing our communications activities on amplifying information related to COVID-19 that is being produced by CIHR and the Government of Canada. We are committed to supporting the health and wellness of all Canadians by sharing information as it continues to develop.

Please consult CIHR's COVID-19 webpage for COVID-19 information, news and resources from CIHR and the Government of Canada.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

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