Institute of Neurosciences, Mental Health and Addiction Strategic research priorities

INMHA’s overall objective is to ensure a more integrated approach to patient care, emphasis on brain health research across the healthcare spectrum from biomedical and clinical, to health systems and services, and to the social, psychosocial, cultural and environmental factors that affect the health of populations. Within five years we hope to see clear evidence of change in the brain health paradigm that reflects closer collaboration between preclinical and clinical neuroscience researchers. Closer interaction should set a precedent for clinical practice thereby ensuring that patients presenting with disorders of mood, cognition, perception or movement receive integrated care from teams of neurologists, psychiatrists and other health professionals working in close collaboration.

Over the next five years, INMHA will adhere to three key principles for fulfill our mission:

  1. Optimize the Impact: INMHA will align research in brain health and illness with the CIHR Roadmap and the eight Signature Initiatives by allocating a significant portion of its budget over the next five years to these programs.
  2. Be Responsive, Flexible and Focused: INMHA will maintain an entrepreneurial approach in exploring new paths to accelerate the discovery and translation of research focused on brain-related ill health, to leverage resources, and to foster relationships.
  3. Seek Partnerships in Knowledge Translation: INMHA will continue to seek new and create new and creative ways to realize its commitment to knowledge translation. By emphasizing brain health research as a primary goal, INMHA will encourage the integration of preclinical and clinical research in neurosciences, mental health, substance-use disorders and the senses.
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