CLSA Governance

The CLSA has a governance structure in place to support effective ongoing management of the CLSA. Details on CLSA committees are available on the Governance section of the CLSA website.

CIHR Oversight

The CLSA reports on progress annually to the CIHR Oversight Committee. The CLSA Oversight Committee’s mandate is to monitor progress and potential risks associated with CLSA’s implementation, at the overall initiative level, to ensure that the CLSA achieves its stated milestones and objectives.

The CIHR Advisory Committee on Ethical, Legal and Social Issues (ELSI) for the CLSA was established under the authority of CIHR, as part of a broader CLSA governance structure, to uphold the accountability, transparency and integrity of the CLSA. The ELSI Committee will be transitioning from an external committee led by CIHR to an internal committee led by the CLSA in 2022 as part of implementing the revised CLSA governance structure.

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