CLSA Partnerships

As Canada's premium research platform on aging and as a major initiative of CIHR, the CLSA actively seeks partnerships that will contribute to

  1. the core funding for the sustainability of the CLSA research platform;
  2. increased use of the CLSA data and biospecimens by the research community; and
  3. the development of the next generation of researchers in the field of aging.

CLSA's vision is that partners will enrich the CLSA research platform, promote and foster its development into a dynamic, rich, comprehensive and unique resource for aging research. This premium resource will result in beneficial rewards for the partners through facilitating rapid adoption of sound research into health practice, programs, policies, services and products that will contribute to healthy aging and enhanced quality of life for older adults.

The CLSA has been successful in additional fundraising with a variety of partners to support the implementation and baseline data collection phase of the CLSA (2010-2015), as well as the first (2015-2018) and second (2018-2021) follow-ups. The CLSA continues to develop partnerships for the third (2021-2024) and fourth (2024-2027) follow-ups to support and sustain its long-term vision. A full list of CLSA partnerships is available on the Partners section of the CLSA website.

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