CIHR Peer Review Expert Panel: Agenda, January 16-17, 2017

The Panel Chair and Members convened in Ottawa from January 16-17, 2017 for a two-day series of meetings with CIHR, key stakeholder organizations, and scientific community representatives.

Some representatives to the Panel made their comments to the Panel available publicly. Where this has been done and was brought to the attention of the Panel, we provided a hyperlink from their name to their comments. Any omissions are unintentional.

Day 1: Monday, January 16, 2017

Time Item Participants
2:15-2:30pm Introductions
  • All Panel members
2:30-3:00pm Formal Panel Call to Order
  • Reminder of Terms of Reference and Task at Hand
  • Declaration of Conflicts of Interest
  • Discussion of Confidentiality
  • Overview of process, including charge to the Panel and planned outcomes for the face-to-face meetings and related process
  • All Panel members
3:00-3:30pm The Vision for CIHR's Reform of the Suite of Open Programs: Drivers for Change
This presentation will provide an overview of CIHR's place within the Canadian research funding landscape and will present data on the drivers for the reforms, including major health research funding challenges. The presentation will close with CIHR's charge to the Panel.
  • Dr. Alain Beaudet, CIHR President
3:30-3:40pm Question Period  
3:40-4:00pm Presentations by CIHR Science Council Members
Dr. Lasko will provide an overview of the CIHR Science Council's engagement in the design and implementation of the new Open Suite of Programs, including relevant oversight committees.
Dr. Tamblyn will present data examining CIHR's peer review systems under the former Open Operating Grants Program.
  • Dr. Paul Lasko, Scientific Director for the CIHR-Institute of Genetics (McGill University)
  • Dr. Robyn Tamblyn, Scientific Director for the CIHR-Institute of Health Services and Policy Research (McGill University)
4:00-4:10pm Question Period  
4:10-4:30pm Break  
4:30-4:50pm The Newly Designed Suite of Open Programs
This presentation will provide a description of the Foundation and Project Grant Programs and related design features, including key changes from the former Open Operating Grants Program. The presentation will offer a short technical briefing on the related application and peer review processes.
  • Dr. Jane Aubin, CIHR Chief Scientific Officer and Vice-President Research, Knowledge Translation, and Ethics
4:50-5:00pm Question Period  
5:00-5:20pm Execution of the Design: Implementation Successes and Challenges
This presentation will walk through the implementation of the Foundation and Project Grant Programs, including a description of how the design has evolved as a result of implementation and discussion of lessons learned.
  • Dr. Jeff Latimer, CIHR Associate Vice-President
5:20-5:30pm Question Period  

Day 2: Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Time Item Participants
8:15-8:30am Panel Call to Order, Debriefing of Day 1, and Review of Day 2 Agenda
  • All panel members

External Stakeholder Perspectives
This day will allow for short presentations by and follow-up discussion with representatives from key CIHR constituencies and stakeholders regarding their perspectives on the reforms of the investigator-initiated programs and peer review processes in relation to the Panel questions.

The outcome of these sessions will be:

  • Increased understanding of the specific opportunities, challenges, benefits and risks related to the reforms of Investigator-Initiated research and peer review systems at CIHR from the perspective of key stakeholders internal and external to CIHR.
8:30-9:30am Meeting with Representatives from the CIHR Research Community, including participants in the July 13th Working Meeting between CIHR and its Research Community
  • Dr. Jim Woodgett, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Mount Sinai Hospital
  • Dr. Holly Witteman, Laval University, Dr. Kristin Connor, Carleton University and Dr. Michael Hendricks, McGill University:  co-Chairs of the Association of Canadian Early Career Health Researchers
  • Dr. Jennifer McGrath, Concordia University, CIHR University Delegate Network Executive Representative
9:30-10:15am Meeting with Representatives from CIHR's College of Reviewers and Institute Advisory Boards
  • Dr. Paul Kubes, Executive Chair of the College of Reviewers and Chair of the post-July 13th Peer Review Working Group
  • Dr. Josée Lavoie, University of Manitoba and College of Reviewer Chair
  • Dr. Lise Gauvin, Université de Montréal and Member of the CIHR Institute Advisory Board on Health Promotion and Prevention
  • Dr. Aled Edwards, Structural Genomics Consortium and Member of the CIHR Institute Advisory Board on Research Excellence, Policy, and Ethics
10:15-10:30am Break
10:30-10:45am In-camera Panel Discussion
  • All Panel Members
10:45-11:30am Meeting with U15 and Universities Canada
  • U15: Dr. Guy Breton, Rector, Université de Montréal and Chair, U15 and Dr. Martha Crago, Vice-President of Research, Dalhousie University and Chair, U15 Research Committee
  • Universities Canada: Dr. Franco J. Vaccarino, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Guelph and Ms. Kate Geddie, Policy Specialist - Research, policy and international relations
11:30-12:00pm In-camera Panel Discussion
  • All Panel Members
12:00-12:30pm Lunch
12:30-1:15pm Meeting with HealthCareCAN/H10 and Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC)
  • HealthCareCAN/H10: Dr. Bill Tholl, President and CEO of HealthCareCAN and Dr. David Hill, HealthCareCAN Research Co-Chair, HealthCareCAN Board Member, and Integrated Vice President  Research London Health Sciences and St. Joseph's London (Lawson)
  • Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada: Dr. Dermot Kelleher, Chair of the AFMC Standing Committee on Research and Dean of Medicine at the University of British Columbia and Dr. Jack Jhamandas, AFMC Vice-President Research and Distinguished University Professor in the Division of Neurology in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta
1:15-2:00pm Meeting with the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Mr. Matthew Herder, Associate Professor, Health Law Institute, Dalhousie University
  • Dr. Antonia Maioni, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, McGill University
2:00-2:15pm Break
2:15-2:45pm Meeting with National Alliance of Provincial Health Research Organizations (NAPHRO)
  • Ms. Krista Connell, Chief Executive Officer, Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation
  • Dr. Bruno Battistini, Chief Executive Officer, New Brunswick Health Research Foundation
2:45-3:30pm Meeting with Governing Council Members
  • Mr. Michael Wilson, Vice-Chair of CIHR Governing Council
  • Ms. Debbie Fischer, Member of CIHR Governing Council
  • Dr. Terry-Lynn Young, Member of CIHR Governing Council
  • Dr. Patrick McGrath, Former Member of CIHR Governing Council
3:30-4:00pm Meeting with Ministerial Representative
  • Mr. John Knubley, Deputy Minister for Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada
4:00-5:00pm In-camera Panel Discussion
  • All Panel Members
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