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Thank you for your interest in the Peer Review Expert Panel. The web submission form process is now closed. In total, over 100 submissions were received, all of which will be reviewed and provided to the Panel. CIHR thanks all those who provided input. If you have any questions, please contact

Thank you for providing input into CIHR's Peer Review Expert Panel!

The Peer Review Expert Panel will examine the design and adjudication processes of CIHR's investigator-initiated programs in relation to the CIHR mandate, the changing health sciences landscape, international funding agency practices, and the available literature on peer review.

Specifically, the Panel will address the following questions:

  1. Does the design of CIHR's reforms of investigator-initiated programs and peer review processes address their original objectives?
  2. Do the changes in program architecture and peer review allow CIHR to address the challenges posed by the breadth of its mandate, the evolving nature of science, and the growth of interdisciplinary research?
  3. What challenges in adjudication of applications for funding have been identified by public funding agencies internationally and in the literature on peer review and how do CIHR's reforms address these?
  4. Are the mechanisms set up by CIHR, including but not limited to the College of Reviewers, appropriate and sufficient to ensure peer review quality and impacts?
  5. What are international best practices in peer review that should be considered by CIHR to enhance quality and efficiency of its systems?
  6. What are the leading indicators and methods through which CIHR could evaluate the quality and efficiency of its peer review systems going forward?

These six questions are focused on the overall design of CIHR's Investigator-Initiated program, the system challenges the reformed Investigator-Initiated programs were trying to address, and the peer review system. Your input on these six questions will help the Panel find out what is working well, what could be done better, and what new opportunities may exist.

The original design discussion document and the overview of the new suite of programs may be useful reference points as you prepare to respond to these questions.


Please take time to review the questions and to think about each question, and come back when you're ready to submit your answers. The deadline for submissions is October 31, 2016.

Provide both concrete examples of issues that need attention with potential solutions. Front-line experiences are important, but so are quantitative analyses and any evidence that supports the generalizability of your experiences. If you have relevant documents that could augment your evidence, such as relevant published work, please include the references or web links in your response.

All responses will be reviewed and analyzed by CIHR and submitted to the Peer Review Expert Panel. Individual responses will also be provided as references to the Peer Review Expert Panel.

Thank you in advance for your interest and submission. By clicking start below you are providing consent to participate and to the sharing of your responses with CIHR Institutes and the Peer Review Expert Panel and any resulting publications.

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