Peer Review Working Group established to advise CIHR

July 22, 2016

As a follow-up to the outcomes of the July 13th Working Meeting to discuss CIHR's peer review processes, a Peer Review Working Group has been established under the leadership of Dr. Paul Kubes as Executive Chair of the College of Reviewers. This group, which includes representatives from the Working Meeting, will advise CIHR on the implementation of peer review changes before the launch of the next Project Grant and Foundation Grant competitions. The membership for the working Group is currently being finalized and will be available shortly.

On July 5, CIHR announced that we intended to maintain the original application deadline dates for the Project Grant and Foundation Grant competitions. In order to give the Peer Review Working Group adequate time to meet, however, and given the changes to the peer review process outlined in the Outcomes Statement (available below), these dates will be changed. CIHR is currently examining the anticipated impacts on competition timelines.

We will share additional details concerning the revised launch dates and deadlines as soon as possible, but we can confirm at this time that registration will not open before September 1, 2016 for either competition.

Once again, CIHR would like to thank each participant of the Working Meeting sincerely for their creativity and solutions-oriented focus. The full Outcomes Statement from the July 13 Working Meeting to further strengthen peer review for investigator-initiated research is now available.

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