Working Meeting of the Health Research Community: Proposed Agenda

July 13, 2016 from 08:30 to 16:30
Ottawa, ON


  • To clarify and confirm the key issues raised by the health research community with regard to the quality and integrity of CIHR's peer review system
  • To find common ground and move forward with workable solutions that address the issues related to the peer review system raised by the health research community
  • To define a clear way forward
Proposed Agenda
08:30 Welcoming Remarks and Introductions
08:45 Review of the Agenda
  • Proposed Approach
  • Role of the Chair and Facilitator
  • Objectives of the day
  • Ground rules
09:15 Shared Lessons Learned from the Project Grant Competition
  • Dr. Shawn Aaron (Chair of the Final Assessment Stage Committee)
  • Dr. Jeff Latimer (Director General, CIHR)
09:45 Views from the Community
  • Participants' perspectives on the Project Grant Competition
10:30 Health Break
11:00 The Principles of Intent for High Quality Peer-Review
  • Evolution of Science
  • Application Focused Review
  • Funding Excellence
  • Indigenous Approaches
11:30 Table Discussions: Developing Workable Solutions
  • Shaping options
  • Addressing key concerns
12:30 Working Lunch
13:15 Tables Reporting Back - Plenary Discussion
15:00 Health Break
15:15 Identifying and addressing implementation issues
16:00 Key Messages to Communicate
16:30 Next Steps
  Closing Remarks
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