Environments and Health: partners

Partnering for healthier environments

CIHR will work together with  partners to leverage our combined expertise and resources to support research that will lead to the development of economically sustainable solutions to the environmental and health challenges facing Canadians.

As a partner, you can:

  • help bring together and enhance use of data and measures of environmental exposures and health impacts;
  • access a connected community of stakeholders from different sectors and disciplines;
  • co-create knowledge that is practical for maximum uptake by stakeholders; and,
  • be visible on a national and international scale.

Get Involved

CIHR recognizes that there are many levers for positive change, both within and outside the health sector. To create healthier environments, it is essential to work with a wide range of partners. Together we can identify and meet shared goals and objectives.

Help us harness research knowledge by:

  • joining or mobilizing research teams to develop solutions that address complex environmental and health-related challenges;
  • improving information exchange with stakeholders from multiple disciplines and sectors (within and outside of health) through various knowledge-sharing events; or,
  • leveraging investments with CIHR and other organizations for greater impact.

Facilitating linkages

Funded partnerships must enable reciprocal flow and uptake of research knowledge between researchers and stakeholders - both within and beyond academia - by integrating stakeholders throughout the entire research process. Researchers and stakeholders will collaborate to develop the research questions, decide on methodology, collect data, interpret the findings, and disseminate the research results. This collaboration should increase the likelihood of adoption and uptake of research results.

CIHR has created Linkage Tools for two focus areas to connect potential team members and partners. Please follow the links below:

This is not the only mechanism through which researcher-partner linkages can be facilitated; it is simply a tool initiated by CIHR to help connect interested parties.

Other available resources to facilitate linkages include but are not limited to:

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