INMD Early Career Researcher Partnership Prize (2022/2023)

Timeline and funding

Application deadline Applications accepted on an ongoing basis until November 1, 2022
Notification of decision Within nine weeks of the application submission
Funding per award Up to $2,500 per award

Table of contents

  1. Description
  2. Available Funds
  3. Eligibility
  4. Review Process and Evaluation
  5. How to Apply
  6. Contact Information

1. Description

INMD supports research to enhance health in relation to diet, digestion, excretion, and metabolism; and to address causes, prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, support systems, and palliation for a wide range of conditions and problems associated with hormone, digestive system, kidney, and liver function. The INMD Early Career Researcher (ECR) Partnership Prize will support ECR Prizes awarded by Partner Organizations (voluntary health sector organizations such as non- profit organizations, professional organizations and registered charities) that recognize outstanding research relevant to the Institute's mandate. INMD will fund a maximum amount for a single prize of $2,500 per Partner Organization. For information on INMD, please refer to the INMD website and INMD Strategic Plan 2021-2026.

Successful applicants (Partner Organizations, NOT individuals) will be notified within 9 weeks of application submissions. Funds will be released upon verification of awardees by the Partner Organization(s).

2. Available funds

The total amount available for this program in fiscal year 2022-23 is $15,000 (enough to fund approximately six (6) prizes). The maximum value of each prize is $2,500 from INMD.

The INMD contribution to the amount available for this award is subject to availability of funds allocated annually to CIHR by parliamentary appropriations, and the conditions that may be attached to them.

3. Eligibility

To be eligible for this competition, the ECR awardee must:

  1. Be engaged in health research relevant to the mandate of INMD;
  2. Meet the definition of an Early Career Researcher, as defined by CIHR1 or the Partner organization.

The Partner Organization submitting the application package must:

  1. Be from the voluntary health sector (e.g., a health charity, professional organization, or non-profit organization).
  2. Submit only one nomination per fiscal year for an Early Career Researcher Partnership Prize.
  3. Run a fair competition with open and transparent criteria for selecting the recipient of the prize.
  4. Acknowledge CIHR-INMD in the title of the award (e.g. the "CIHR-INMD - (partner name) Early Career Researcher Partnership Prize".
  5. Provide the entire amount of CIHR funding for this prize to the successful recipient.

4. Review process and evaluation

Applications will undergo an initial assessment by INMD staff to ensure that they are both eligible and complete. Only eligible and complete applications will proceed to the review stage.

Applications will be assessed for relevance to the INMD mandate.

The evaluation committee is typically composed of INMD staff and /or former Institute Advisory Board members. INMD will notify applicants of the competition results by email.

5. How to apply

  1. Complete the Institute Community Support (ICS) application form [ PDF (626 KB) ] according to the following instructions:
    • Complete Section 1. Note: If you do not have a CIHR Personal Identification Number (PIN), please visit the Register with CIHR web page.
    • Complete Sections 2a – e only
      • Enter "Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes Partnership Early Career Researcher Prize" in Section 2a
      • Note: Do not complete Section 2f – i
    • Do not complete Section 3
    • Complete Section 4
  2. Attach Partner organization announcement of the opportunity. This should include a paper copy and a web link to the organization's prize announcement/application page. The following information should be clearly stated:
    • Award Description
    • Eligibility criteria
    • Nomination procedure
    • Selection process
  3. Email your application to: All emails received will be acknowledged.

A complete application consists of a:

  1. Cover page
  2. Signed ICS form
  3. Copy of the organizations prize announcement/application process

Late applications or applications with missing documents will not be accepted. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that their applications are complete and submitted by the deadline.


Footnote 1

The ECR must be within 84 months of their first independent appointment, as of the application deadline of November 1, 2022.


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