Programmatic Grants in Food and Health

The CIHR Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes (INMD) announced the launch of the CIHR Programmatic Grants in Food and Health funding opportunity in March 2012. This initiative was launched in partnership with CIHR Institute of Population and Public Health, and the CIHR/Rx&D Collaborative Research Program as well as Health Canada (Bureau of Nutritional Sciences, Office of Nutrition Policy and Promotion, and First Nations and Inuit Health Branch); Public Health Agency of Canada; Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; the Centrum Foundation of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare; AllerGen NCE Inc. and The Micronutrient Initiative.

Applicants for the CIHR Programmatic Grants were given the opportunity to secure infrastructure funding to support their research from the Canada Foundation for Innovation's Leaders Opportunity Fund (LOF) using an expedited application process.

The CIHR Programmatic Grants in Food and Health funding opportunity was developed in response to the workshop recommendations from the National Workshop INMD convened, Advancing Food and Health Research Priorities.

The primary objectives of the CIHR Programmatic Grants in Food and Health are to:

  • support programmatic research that contributes new knowledge to improve nutritional health status at the individual and population level, compress morbidity in relation to chronic diseases, and inform nutritional policies and practices;
  • support interdisciplinary collaborations that involve researchers and knowledge-users in nutritional sciences, food, agriculture, and other sectors in Canada and if appropriate, also with other countries; and,
  • facilitate effective knowledge translation approaches to enhance the use of new knowledge to inform decision-making in nutrition practice, nutritional guidelines, food policy, and public health nutrition policies.

Please visit the CIHR website to access the full funding opportunity.

Funding Results

INMD wishes to congratulate the successful applicants of this competition. Below are the results for each pool of funds described in the funding opportunity.

The information is provided in the language in which it was submitted by the recipient.

Basic Biomedical Science (201301FH4)

Principal Investigator Institution Project Title
Marette, André Université Laval Translational approach to establish the cardiometabolic health effects and mechanisms of action of fish nutrients: from animal models to obese insulin-resistant subjects

Human/Clinical Research (201301FH5)

Principal Investigator Institution Project Title
Mazer, Bruce D The Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre GET-FACTS: Genetics, Environment and Therapies: Food Allergy Clinical Tolerance Studies

Population Health Research (201301FH6)

Principal Investigator Institution Project Title
Anand, Sonia S McMaster University Understanding the impact of maternal and infant nutrition on infant/child health

General Pool (201301FHG)

Principal Investigator Institution Project Title
Jenkins, David J University of Toronto Canada-Wide Human Nutrition Trialists' Network
Lemieux, Simone Université Laval Adhésion aux recommandations visant la saine alimentation: identification des mesures, déterminants et interventions
O'Connor, Deborah L Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto) Optimizing Mothers' Milk for Preterm Infants
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