Selection and Appointment of Governing Council Members

Members of Governing Council are appointed by the Governor in Council – decided upon by the federal Cabinet – and may hold office for two consecutive three-year terms. The President holds office for five years and is also eligible for reappointment.

The Government of Canada announced a revised approach to GiC appointments to identify who will serve on commissions, boards, Crown corporations, agencies and tribunals across the country.

As part of the new approach, all GiC opportunities will be advertised online and candidates will be formally assessed based on the selection criteria for each position.

All CIHR Governing Council members have an interest and expertise in health research and how research knowledge can be applied to improve the health of Canadians, strengthen the Canadian health care system or improve the effectiveness of products and services. They serve in a personal capacity and do not represent any particular constituency.

Section 7(4) CIHR Act outlines the appointment criteria for Governing Council members as "women and men who reflect the highest standards of scientific excellence and women and men who reflect a range of relevant backgrounds and disciplines"

In keeping with Section 7(4) the Governance and Nominating Committee oversees:

In addition to demographic requirements, specific skills and competencies are needed on Council. These are broadly defined as a fine balance of:

Highly-qualified candidates to meet identified needs also possess other valued competencies such as:

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