Institute Community Support (ICS) Program

The ICS Program is designed to foster community development by providing grants and awards to individuals and organizations for the purposes of:

  • Aiding research and knowledge translation activities where the circumstances fall outside of CIHR's current suite of funding programs.
  • Supporting individuals and organizations, whose goals are consistent with CIHR and its Institutes' vision, mandate and strategic directions.

The ICS Program is not intended to support the direct cost of research (e.g., pilot projects, feasibility studies or operating grants), principal and co-investigator salaries or research equipment.

Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health (ICRH) ICS Program

Funds Available

ICRH's contribution to the amount available for this program is subject to availability of funds voted annually to CIHR by parliamentary appropriations.

The total amount available for the ICS program in each fiscal year is no less than $100,000. Within the framework of the ICS Program, ICRH supports the funding opportunities and other similar invited activities that:

  • fall within the general objectives of this funding program;
  • align with ICRH's mandate and strategic priorities; or
  • increase the capacity of the Canadian health research community to lead and collaborate on cutting-edge circulatory and respiratory health research and knowledge translation, both nationally and internationally.

Under the ICS Program, ICRH supports the following awards programs and similar activities in development:

  • CIHR-ICRH Travel Awards
    CIHR-ICRH will provide funding to only trainees registered in a master's or doctoral program or at the post-doctoral or post-health professional degree stage to present their own research (oral or poster), relevant to the Institute's strategic priorities, at national or international meetings, conferences or symposia.
  • CIHR- ICRH/ Canadian Sleep Society (CSS) Travel Awards
    The objective of the CIHR-ICRH/CSS Travel Awards is to recognize the research contribution made by Canadian students and postdoctoral fellows in the field of sleep research. CSS and CIHR-ICRH will jointly provide funding to students and postdoctoral fellows working in sleep research in Canada to travel to a major scientific sleep meeting (e.g., CSS, APSS, ERS, WSF, WASM, SfN, ATS) to present their research, which must be determined to be relevant to both the CSS and ICRH mandates.
  • CIHR-ICRH/Canadian Cardiovascular Congress (CCC) Travel Awards
    The Canadian Cardiovascular Congress (CCC) is the largest gathering of cardiovascular and allied health professionals in Canada. The CIHR-ICRH/CCC Travel Awards will support Canadian trainees to attend the annual CCC to present their research (oral or poster).
  • CIHR-ICRH Planning and Dissemination Grants
    CIHR-ICRH will provide funding for applications that are consistent with the mandate of the Institute, and that will stimulate research planning and dissemination activities relevant to the Institute’s priority areas.
  • CIHR-ICRH Visiting Speaker Awards

    The goal of the CIHR-ICRH Visiting Speaker Award is to support costs associated with inviting mid-career investigators to academic Institutions for lectureships, seminars, workshops and other speaking engagement activities that are consistent with the mandate of CIHR-ICRH.

    In order to ensure regional spread, a minimum of one award will be offered to each of the regions below. In the event that there are no fundable application(s) from a particular region(s), highest ranked application(s) from other region(s) will be funded.

    • Atlantic (NB, PEI, NS and NF)
    • Central (ON and QC)
    • Prairies (SK and MB)
    • North ( Nunavut, NWT and Yukon)
    • West (AB and BC)
  • Other
    Throughout the year, and as resources permit, ICRH may make funding available for other events (e.g. meetings) which are closely aligned with its mandate, strategic direction, and objectives.

The travel awards and planning and dissemination grants are usually lunched twice a year. Please visit ResearchNet throughout the year for details (e.g. eligibility criteria, application deadline, application instructions) on these funding opportunities.

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