ICRH Strategic research priorities

ICRH Refreshed Strategic Priorities 2017/18 – 2019/20

Research Priorities

Working collaborative with diverse partners to increase the resources and opportunities for research funding within tis mandate areas, ICRH plans to:

  • Facilitate networking within, and among ICRH’s research community and to other stakeholders in the research enterprise nationally and internationally;
  • Enhance training and early career development to build future research and knowledge leaders within ICRH mandate areas;
  • Enhance the conduct of Indigenous Health Research and equitable research under ICRH’s mandate areas; and
  • Enhance the ICRH research community’s ability to participate in and contribute to the multi-Institute signature initiatives launched collectively by Science Council.

Institute Objectives

In the next three years ICRH expects to see that:

  • Resources and opportunities are increased through collective effort for training and early career development in the ICRH community;
  • Stakeholders and partners are engaged and perceive ICRH as able to facilitate their participation in the Institute’s activities;
  • Researchers working in ICRH mandate areas are further represented in national and international research and knowledge translation and implementation activities; and
  • Health and health system impacts are realized from research conducted in the ICRH mandate areas, particularly for Canada’s Indigenous Peoples (First Nations, Inuit and Métis) and populations facing potential systematic biases.
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