Save the date! CIHR-IA Summer Program in Aging 2024

Ageism and Health Research, Delivery, and Outcomes in Older Adults

SPA 2024 will be held from June 2 - 7, 2024 in Vancouver at the University of British Columbia hosted by the Centre for Aging SMART. The focus for SPA 2024 is Ageism and Health Research, Delivery, and Outcomes in Older Adults.

Over the course of the SPA, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows will have the opportunity to engage in learning sessions, experiences, and activities built around the core thematic area of ageism. They will explore fundamental topics such as research and professional skill building, grant writing, communication, incorporating the perspective of those with lived experiences, inclusion and diversity, and knowledge translation.

To further an interdisciplinary experience, trainees will benefit from networking and mentoring opportunities with leading researchers in this area.

All trainees interested in attending SPA 2024 must apply through the CIHR IA SPA Funding Opportunity. This program will launch on ResearchNet in September 2023.

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