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Clinical trials

Ensures that clinical trials are conducted transparently and contribute to advancing health care and medical research in Canada.

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Contributes to the responsible and ethical communication of federally funded research activities.

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Data and data management

Aims to enhance research data management, accessibility, and utilization, contributing to the improvement of health services, products and outcomes.

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Equity, diversity and inclusion

Advances the principles of equity (fairness), diversity (representation), and inclusion (valued participation) in research.

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Promotes the ethical conduct of health research, while ensuring compliance with research integrity rules through rigorous accountability processes.

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Governs the administration, award, and use of CIHR grants and awards.

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Global health research

Supports the Canadian health research community’s understanding of the importance of global health research and their participation in a truly global research enterprise.

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Indigenous health research

Outlines commitments to further strengthen Indigenous health research and research training in Canada.

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Knowledge mobilization

Promotes knowledge mobilization (KM) activities by strengthening projects with a KM approach and ensuring rigorous and transparent review of KM in grant proposals.

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  • CIHR Knowledge Mobilization Framework & Action Plan (Anticipated in 2024)

Official languages

Supports recognition of Canada's linguistic duality and implementation of the Official Languages Act in health research, programs, and services.

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Open access

Facilitates access to the results of CIHR-funded research through various research outputs and increases the dissemination and exchange of research results.

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Patient-oriented research

Establishes key concepts, principles, and areas for patient engagement in research to facilitate improved health outcomes and an enhanced health care system.

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Research excellence

Influences who sets research priorities; who conducts, participates in and benefits from research; how research is conducted; and how it is assessed

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Training and career support

Outlines the shared vision, principles, considerations and strategic goals to guide activities focused on capacity development.

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