Acknowledging CIHR support and promoting your research

The more people hear about your research, the more they become interested, and an engaged public is a supportive public!

Canadians have a voracious appetite when it comes to health research. The more we share your stories and attract attention to research advances and what CIHR does, the more we build public support for the entire health research enterprise – support that can translate to sustained and increased funding for health research.

Let your audience know that you are funded by CIHR

As a recipient of CIHR funding, you must acknowledge, verbally and/or in writing (depending on the context), the support you receive from CIHR and the role it has played in your research.

Acknowledging CIHR funding is important because it helps Canadians understand how their tax dollars are furthering your work.

For example, if you, your institution or a funding partner:

Ways to acknowledge our funding

For all scientific articles, the CIHR acknowledgement must include your Funding Reference Number (FRN).  

Additionally, CIHR asks that, when you promote your research, you and your institution:

Acknowledgement statement

You can acknowledge our support in many different ways. Here is some suggested wording:

(CIHR logo) The (name of program, project or event) is/was supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

The logo and/or organizational name can also be placed in an acknowledgement list with other partners/funders.

CIHR Communications – At your service

We can help you.

CIHR Communications has extensive experience in the areas of media relations, social media, government relations, strategic communications, writing, editing, event planning and coordination.

If you are a principal investigator, let us know when you are about to hit a milestone in your research – at least five days in advance. Work with CIHR and your institution to promote your work.

If you are a research institution or a funding partner, provide input to CIHR communications materials for funding announcements, share health research success stories with CIHR, send a copy of publications, media coverage, advertising and other promotional material, invite us to provide a federal representative at events, conferences or other public activity promoting health research and give credit to CIHR for funding or co-funding a research project.

We can:

Where can I get more information?

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