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Dr. Caroline Tait grew up in a small Métis community, MacDowall, Saskatchewan, and her family have been active citizens of the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan since its inception. Dr. Tait holds a joint appointment as a Professor in the Faculty of Social Work and the Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary. She has a Bachelor of Arts and Ph.D. from the Department of Anthropology, McGill University and a Master of Arts, Medical Anthropology from the University of California—Berkeley. Dr. Tait also completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Social and Transcultural Psychiatry, McGill University and the Aboriginal Healing Foundation and has been a Fulbright Visiting Fellow in the Department of Anthropology, Harvard University.

Dr. Tait has partnered with Métis and First Nations peoples in research for over 25 years, including advancing research and data governance processes. Dr. Tait is the lead author of the Saskatchewan Métis Research and Data Sovereignty Guidelines and is actively involved in education and training that advances the research sovereignty of Métis and First Nations peoples. She is the founder of the First Nations and Métis Organ Donation and Transplantation Network, and the International Indigenous Organ Donation and Transplantation Network. Currently Dr. Tait is the Indigenous platform lead for the Canadian Donation and Transplantation Research Program. Dr. Tait’s research addresses inequities experienced by Indigenous peoples across the various domains of healthcare and the human service sector generally. She has held several major research grants as nominated principal applicant, has published in multiple areas of Indigenous health, and has served on numerous Indigenous boards and committees at local, regional and national levels. Dr. Tait has held a long term commitment to supporting and mentoring Indigenous student from Canada and internationally, including developing the Saskatchewan Indigenous Mentorship Network.

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