Annual National Gathering of Graduate Students celebrates community

Sons of Membertou award-winning drum group performing at the NGGS 2023

Recently, members from the CIHR and its Institute of Indigenous Peoples Health (IIPH) attended the annual National Gathering of Graduate Students (NGGS); an event intended to celebrate and recognize the health research of the Indigenous student community. This year, the Wabanaki-Labrador Indigenous Health Research Network hosted this 4-day event (October 11th – 14th) on Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, the unceded land of the Mi'kmaq. Individuals in attendance had the pleasure of listening to student presentations, engaging with Elder panel discussions, and experiencing cultural workshops, dance, and music of the Mi'kmaq people. A commonality across all personal reflections of the event was how culturally enriched and welcoming the atmosphere was for individuals to learn and grow within Indigenous health. Most unique was the strong sense of community as students, Elders, Knowledge-keepers, researchers, and community members all came together for the purpose of knowledge mobilization of present Indigenous health research. The CIHR and IIPH express their sincere gratitude to the Wabanaki-Labrador Indigenous Health Research Network for coordinating and hosting this amazing event. Further, we would like to extend our gratitude to all the NEIHR centers for their diligent work supporting the continual growth and development of Indigenous scholars within the health field. Events such as the NGGS showcase the immense work the NEIHRs and their students undertake to improve the health and well-being of Canada's Indigenous peoples.

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