2023 Peer Review Committee – Catalyst Grant: Healthy Youth (202211HYI)


Atkinson, Stephanie A
McMaster University

Scientific Officer

Smith, Isabel M
Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia)


Pyne, Jake
McMaster University

Burack, Jacob A
McGill University

Obeid, Nicole
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute Inc

Joober, Ridha
McGill University

MacMaster, Frank P
IWK Health Centre (Halifax)

Obeid, Joyce
McMaster University

Saewyc, Elizabeth M
University of British Columbia

Timmons, Brian W
McMaster University

Hickey, Patrick M
University of New Brunswick (St. John)

Smith, Stacie
Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia)

Amany, Raissa
University of Ottawa

Thompson, Kara D
St. Francis Xavier University (Nova Scotia)

Allen, Kristy
Knowledge Institute on Child and Youth Mental Health and Addictions (ON)

Getz, Landon J
University of Toronto

Chaillet, Nils
Université Laval

Arrandale, Victoria H
Ontario Health - CCO - Cancer Care Ontario (Toronto)

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