Ability to Review
Mock Review Toolkit – Project Grant Competition: Running the Simulation

For Facilitators: If you have elected to conduct an Ability to Review process, this resource must be attached to the Application Assignment email.

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Instructions: Using the Ability to Review Guide below, please indicate your ability to review the applications listed in the table below. The abstracts and details for each of these applications are found below under Application Details. Please note that this is a training exercise, your expertise does not need to align perfectly.

Applications Ability to Review (High | Medium | Low | Not Enough Expertise) Conflict (COI/Language)
Ability to Review Guide
Declaration When to Declare Review Assignment
High Application fully aligns with your expertise Yes
Medium Parts of the application align with expertise Yes
Low A small part of the application aligns with your expertise but you are comfortable to review Yes
Not Enough Expertise Outside your area of expertise or you do not feel comfortable to review No
Language Conflict You do not have the language skills to review No
Conflict of Interest (COI) You have a conflict of interest with applicants or application No
Application Details
Applications Abstract Area(s) of Science
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