Scoring Sheet
Mock Review Toolkit – Project Grant Competition: Running the Simulation

For Facilitators: The Scoring Sheet serves to record the preliminary ratings of all participants for their assigned applications and the consensus rating at the meeting. The Facilitator may choose to complete this sheet themselves, or it can be tasked to each Reviewer for their own use.

For smaller simulations or for Internal Review simulations where Facilitators may want to report all the scores to participants and applicants, it may be best for the Facilitator to complete this form. In this case, the Facilitator must request that applicants provide their preliminary ratings once they’ve completed their At-Home Reviews.

For larger simulations with many participants, such as Light Simulations, it may be best for Reviewers to complete this sheet for their own use, as it may not be feasible for the Facilitator to compile all the sores. If the Reviewers are to complete the Scoring Sheet, fill in the applications’ Theme(s)/Pillar(s) before sending the Scoring Sheet to the Reviewers as an attachment to the Confirmation of Committee Meeting email.

Please remove or replace any highlighted placeholder or instructional text with the appropriate information.


The Overall Scoring Table consists of the following rating:

Average Preliminary Rating: The average of the ratings Reviewers provided in their At-Home Review process.

Final Committee Rating: Once all committee members have provided their Rating (±0.5) from Consensus (see below) an average of these scores must be calculated to result in the final score for the application.

Please fill in the Assigned Reviewers’ Ratings tables with the following ratings:

Preliminary Rating: The Reviewer’s initial rating when conducting at-home reviews.

Consensus Rating: Following discussion of their assigned applications, the assigned Reviewers provide a single rating that they agree upon.

Please fill in the All Committee Member Ratings tables with the following ratings:

Rating (±0.5) from Consensus: All Reviewers (not only Reviewers assigned to the application) provide their own ratings that can range ±0.5 from the Consensus rating.

Overall Scoring Table
Application # Theme(s)/Pillar(s) Average Preliminary Rating Final Committee Rating
Assigned Reviewers’ Ratings
Application #
Role Name Preliminary Rating Consensus Rating
Reviewer 1      
Reviewer 2      
Reviewer 3      
All Committee Member Ratings
Reviewer Rating (±0.5) from Consensus
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