Infographic: Fertility, pregnancy & COVID-19 vaccines

Infographic: Fertility, pregnancy & COVID-19 vaccines
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Misinformation about vaccines and fertility has been rampant, and it’s one of the top concerns raised by many patients. But the research tells a different—and reassuring—story.

The scientific evidence to dateFootnote 1 tells us that:

Experts recommend vaccination, whether you are pregnant now or plan to become pregnant in the future. Talk to your health care provider about the options that will be best for you.

But where does the evidence come from?

Many scientific studies have been taking place here in Canada and around the world, typically led by independent researchers at universities or hospitals. Some studies involve looking at tissues in a lab. Others monitor health record data to spot irregularities and trends, and larger-scale research involves recruiting volunteers for detailed follow-up, such as with surveys and blood samples

The results, data, and ongoing reporting from these studies all contribute to the growing body of evidence indicating that the COVID-19 vaccines do not have a negative impact on pregnancy or fertility.

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