Research proposal page limit increase for French language applications
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why has CIHR increased the Research proposal page limit for French applications?

    CIHR is committed to supporting official languages and in recent years has undertaken a number of activities to ensure that equitable access to CIHR programs and funding is established. CIHR encourages all researchers to submit their funding applications in the official language of their choice. These changes align with principles outlined in the CIHR's Official Language Action Plan and in the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Action Plan and helps meet the goals linked to the application of Sex and Gender Based Analysis (SGBA+) and embedding of EDI principles and practices throughout agency policies and programs.

  • What does it means for me as an applicant?

    The allowable length of all Research Proposal or equivalent attachments for French language application material will be increased by at least 20%. To simplify funding opportunity (FO) design and the application process, the increased page limit will be rounded to the closest half or full page.

  • What does it means for me as a reviewer?

    Reviewers can expect to see longer research proposals of applications submitted in French, based on the guidelines set out in the application instructions.

  • Which attachments will be considered eligible?

    Attachments eligible for the increased page limit will be detailed in the Funding Opportunity.

  • What is the page limit for French applications?

    Page limits will vary across eligible attachment types, however, applicants and reviewers can expect to see a 20% increase, rounded up to the nearest half or full page for applications submitted in French. Application instructions will specify to applicants the exact page limit.

  • What happens if my application exceeds the approved number of pages as defined in the funding opportunity?

    An internal validation process of the page limits will be implemented to ensure compliance. CIHR may reformat and remove any pages that exceed the stated limit of the funding opportunity instructions, with no further notification to the Nominated Principal Applicant. 

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