Applicant Profile CV – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These questions and answers are intended to support applicants who are completing the Applicant Profile CV template for application to a CIHR funding opportunity.

What is the Applicant Profile CV?

The Applicant Profile CV is a PDF CV template aimed at capturing CV information from knowledge users, non-academics, Indigenous organizations, and international applicants. It is composed of five sections: Name and Affiliation, Personal Statement, Position and Honors, Contribution to Knowledge Creation, and Other relevant information.

Why was the Applicant Profile CV developed?

The Applicant Profile CV was developed to reduce barriers that the Canadian Common CV (CCV) requirements set for some applicants when applying for funding. Collaboration and input from various stakeholders including Indigenous community members and researchers helped refine the new CV template.

Who can use the Applicant Profile CV?

All Canadian academic applicants must continue to submit a Canadian Common CCV. The CCV is the only CV type that provides the required information to apply from academic applicants. CIHR continues to pull important data from the CCV and it is closely linked to the underlying infrastructure of CIHR’s grants management system.

The Applicant Profile CV has been developed for knowledge-users, non-academics, Indigenous organizations, and international applicants. Unless otherwise noted in the funding opportunity (FO), these applicants may choose to submit the CIHR Biosketch CV or the Applicant Profile CV. Please consult the How to Apply section of the FO in question for the application instructions.

How is an Applicant Profile CV created?

Applicants can download the Applicant Profile CV Microsoft Word template from CIHR’s website.

What is the page limit for the Applicant Profile CV?

The Applicant Profile CV may not exceed three pages. Because there are no section content restrictions, applicants can choose what they would like to emphasize and are not required to include the headings, if all the requested information is included.

The information entered in the Applicant Profile CV should be directly relevant to the grant application, and should demonstrate how the applicant will contribute to the application at hand. As such, all that is required is a brief description of the most significant contributions to knowledge creation and/or knowledge sharing/translation (maximum of 5 contributions).

How do applicants upload their Applicant Profile CV?

The Applicant Profile CV must be an unsecured PDF and cannot exceed 30 Mb. In the Task section “Identify Participants of a ResearchNet application”, click on the subtask “Attachments” to choose the Applicant Profile CV and attach it. Applicants can consult the How to Apply section of the funding opportunity for other specific instructions.

What are the formatting guidelines for the Applicant Profile CV?

The Applicant Profile CV must follow CIHR's formatting guidelines for attachments.

Can I update my Applicant Profile CV post-submission to include information that was not previously available?

Modifications to submitted applications are not permitted after the application deadline date. However, applicants can update their Applicant Profile CV whenever they like prior to submitting to another funding opportunity. It is recommended that applicants include an endnote with the date of the last revision on their Applicant Profile CV. Please reach out to the Contact Centre for more information.

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